No!! Inertial dynos are an old concept equipment and today are useless and overtaken. They cannot measure power and torque but gives an approximate calculation of those values always different from one test to the others. Bapro produces only braked dyno est chassis dynamometer (not inertials!), where every particular is designed to take the advantages of this type of technology. Braked dynos are able to effectively measure the power on the load cell, in this way they can give you extremely precise and repeatable values. The power is measured during a controlled acceleration that reproduces the real behavior of the vehicle on the road adapting itself to the performances of the vehicle. In this way the engine works in the same way it does on the road and the values of shaft power given by the dyno is precise and reliable. Moreover the eddy current brake and its extremely evolved control electronic allows to perform a wide range of tests useful for diagnostic, tuning and Motorsport: road simulation, constant rpm test, engine tuning test are only few examples.

NO !! An inertial dyno transformed in braked is actually an inertial dyno to whom a brake and a control electronic are added. This type of dynos born with the concept of inertial dyno with all their limits that makes impossible to do an efficient transformation in braked dynos. This is the case of all the dynos available on the market in both version: inertial and braked. Bapro chassis dynamometers are only available in braked version with eddy current brake. Between the limits of inertial dyno transformed in braked there is for example the huge roller weight which is strictly needed for inertial dynos in order to have the inertial weight to accelerate, but in the braked dynos the weight of the rollers must be reduced to the minimum in order to achieve the maximum precision and repeatability. This is why Bapro rollers are light and empty: the inertial weight is minimum and the power curve measured perfectly follows the engine behavior. Another important and significant limit is the grip offered by the rollers, in fact in inertial dynos the acceleration of a power test is very fast and an high grip is not needed, this is why rollers are often

No! A dyno test chassis dynamometer is not able to measure the real power on wheel , it is physically impossible with this kind of instrument.
Dyno that are not able to measure the shaft power and supply the power on wheel obtains only extremely inaccurate datas; obtained without properly considering test conditions variation. As for example think that it is sufficient to drow a different anchorage belts vehicle, a different pressure of the tires, or different temperature between a test and another for significantly alter the power to the wheel. The only power to refer to have precise data with which to make comparisons is the motor shaft power. Bapro has obtained many recognizes by its prestigious customers in terms of absolute accuracy in measuring the shaft power through comparisons mades with the engine test benches also in climatic controlled cells. This experience has been grown in the last 10 years developing specific chassis dynamometers to equip different huge automotive brands and theyr Research and Development departments

The technical information of each product are shown the maximum horsepower declared, it must be stressed that these are powers that the dealer can really break in static tests such as proof the test at constant speed or mapping. Performance during dynamic tests for measuring power and torque curves are actually higher as is proved by the tests done by our customers and published on the site. The first limit of a dynamometer are not brake performance, but rather the grip offered by the rollers. In fact before reaching the limit of brake torque encounter the problem of slip; situation on the benches Bapro does not exist thanks to the characteristics of our rollers. The test benches that declaring of thousands of horsepower for each axis, declaring power dynamics (during acceleration) acknowledge indirectly that the power is measured primarily in order instead of inertial and not braked with all the limitations listed in paragraphs 1 and 2.

The test bench Bapro is designed according to the concept of modularity and this allows people to buy the test bench 2wd (BPA-2R) and go after the 4wd (BPA-4R) by simply adding a second bench with the mover to adjust the length function for the size of the vehicle. This way you can start with a lower investment and then, without “throwing away” anything, you can buy the components necessary to dial the bench 4wd and be able to test all cars. The concept of modularity is also in the type of installation, which you can install the counter above-floor or cash it in a hole at will and without the need for additional accessories.

Bringing the concept of bench car even to the motorcycle sector is clearly as to measure and break certain powers is necessary to larger contact surface possible. In this sense, the surface offered by a single roller is not sufficient if we have to do with very heavy motor or with very high torque (ex. Harley, Ducati and twin in general). The Bapro dyno test chassis dynamometer exists in both single roller (BPM-1R) and bi-rollers version (BPM-2R) and also in this case the modular design allows people to buy initially the first version is particularly suitable for those who works mainly on scooter or motorcycle with medium low power and can then add the second roller when the customer expands to bike more performance or competition. Thanks to lightened rollers, version bi-rollers has all the advantages of extremely high grip (which you can not get on any other dyno test bench!) That allows you to have no limits of maximum power but also to test the accuracy of the lesser powers (as small electric scooters).

BAPRO chassis dynamometers software is extremely easy and intuitive and you don’t need a training course although it is included in the installation of the instrument a full course lead by our technicians. The software version supplied in the standard configuration of the rolling road is complete and allows you to make all possible test with quick and simple steps. All functions of the bench can be used by remote control so you need only one operator. The manual that comes with the dealer and the assistance of our technicians and engineers help you learn very quickly to use the tool and exploit it fully even without training course.
BAPRO provide with all dynos a fully working version of chassis dynamometer software management, no ADD-ONS or extra costs!

The electronics control of Bapro chassis dynamometer is integrated into the dyno test equipment, so you do not need a dedicated computer, and doesn’t require any kind of hardware installation inside the PC. It will be enough a commercial computer on which in a few minutes you’ll install Bapro software and start to manage your dyno test chassis dynamometer.