HP series is Bapro’s highest performance chassis dynamometer.
Two connected 400 mm diameter rollers guarantee the top repeatability and accuracy. 
With a massive tubular frame made of high strength steel, this High Performance series suits all needs: Testing, R&D, Motorsport, Tuning and Chip Tuning. 

BPM-2R High Performance is suitable for any kind of power and torque levels.


Mechanical features:

  • Roller diameter: 400 mm
  • Roller width: 310 mm
  • Dimensions 3360×1860 mm


  • Maximum speed 330 km/h
  • Maximum adsorbable power 450 HP (endurance tests)
  • Maximum measurable power 700 HP (Sweep power tests)
  • Maximum traction force 5000 N

Power supply:

  • voltage 3/N/PE 400 VAC
  • frequency 50 Hz
  • fuses 16 A


  • Shorter repair time (fast and exact diagnosis)
  • effective use of the instruments already present in workshop (diagnosis equipment, gas analyzer)
  • Avoid any risks from road tests (traffic, accidents, fines)
  • Results certification (performance enhancement)
  • Accessories sale improvement by result verification (exhaust systems, efi controller etc..)
  • Second-hand vehicles sale improvement by engine health certification
  • Vehicle check before second-hand trades
  • Renting for tests and technical checks

Measuring program:

  • Trasmission verification (clutch slippage)
  • Power step test
  • Power sweep test
  • Cooling system check (radiator, fan sensor, thermostatic valve)
  • Diagnosis by gas analyzer under load
  • Vehicle test with constant speed
  • Vehicle test with constant force
  • Vehicle test with constant load
  • Road simulation (slope, drag resistance, weight)
  • Vehicle test with constant RPM
  • Durability tests
  • Engine mapping to all RPM
  • Diagnosis by scantool during road simulation
Standard features
  • 1 eddy current brake, 2 big diameter rollers linked by a HTD belt , knurled over the entire width, finished by CNC cut knurling
  • Lambda Input allows to connect a lambda probe with an external controller
  • Fully functional management software
  • Infrared remote control
Optional features
  • PC support with Integrated Ventilation system, target power 3 kW, flow rate 22.000 m3/h with remote control
  • Single fan movable on wheels, 3 kW, flow rate 22.000 m3/h with remote control
  • Safety Equipments: Side safety barriers with logo, Anchoring ratchet straps, High attenuation ear muff
  • Ventilation speed control proportional to the rollers speed
  • Lambda kit: 5 wires wide band Lambda probe and controller
  • Front wheel adjustable mechanical lock with or without frame
  • Air Conveyor
  • Integrated Tiltable ramp made of grating with gas springs
  • Removable aluminum alloy loading ramp
  • Personal computer and display
  • Motorcycle’s electric starter
  • Boost pressure input
  • PC trolley on wheels

Optionals in details

Comparative table
Maximum speed 330 km/h 350 km/h
Maximum adsorbable power 450 HP 500 HP
Maximum measurable power 500 HP 550 HP
Maximum traction force 5000 N 5000 N
Mechanical features
Rollers diameter 400 mm 400 mm
Rollers width 310 mm 310 mm
Roller balancing grade Q 6.3 Q 6.3
Equivalent base inertia 80 Kg 80 Kg
Dimensions 2560×1860 mm 2560×1860 mm
Deck height 410 mm 410 mm
Weight 500 kg 500 kg
Voltage 400 V 50 Hz 3/N/PE 400 V 50 Hz 3/N/PE