The quality of measurements of Bapro dyno model BPM-2R

A testimonial of a happy customer, satisfied by the quality of measurements given by its Bapro dyno model BPM-2R HP.

As you know Bapro dynamometers do not distort the real measured data.

Bapro power curves are not smoothed, as instead inertial or not serious dynamometers do.

The possibility to see spikes and actual data let the dyno operator understand if a wheel is not correctly balanced or a tire is damaged, or a clutch has issues, or (as we see here) the power delivery is actually shaky, due to an excessively lean mixture.

This is a great advantage because, by repeating the test after the mods or fixing, you can easily demonstrate to the vehicle owner the quality of your professional job.

Dear customers, be suspicious of incredibly smoothed power curves!

Thanks Papapitstop.


bapro dyno motorcycle bpm 2r hp