Bapro product Series

S Series (Standard), especially designed for car/motorcycle workshops, suitable for lower HP vehicles applications or common diagnosis usage.
HP Series (High Performance) dynos, dedicated to highest HP vehicle tuning applications and research and development dpts.
All measure values are automatically standardized to international standards.


Our quality:


Steel structure

Powder coated (customizable color) tubular frame in high strength steel.
Allow to test high power heavy vehicles ensuring steady measures over time. Pro: Maximum strength with minimum flexure (and vibration proofing) compared to the competitor’s sheet metal frame.


Tubular Frame

Tubular frame, long lasting structure, high quality vibration proofing equilibrated components for the best accuracy. Moreover, our dynos are always ready to be upgraded from the pit version to the above ground version.


Built-in Weather Station

Pressure–temperature. Allow to measure the weather conditions. Bapro dynamometer corrects the power reading in real-time according to different standards (different systems from S to HP Series)


Management Software

Allow to perform, save, compare and print the tests. Pro: Updated, complete (no add-on or extra charges), particularly easy and intuitive, with analogue and digital gauges. It works without mouse and by remote control.


Eddy Current Brake

Allow to perform load tests and fixed rpm (speed). Pro: the brake and the rollers are mounted in the same frame, this is conceived to withstand the power of the ultra highpower vehicles.


Remote Control

Operating system free. Allow to perform any tests without stopping the vehicle.

Compatible with the present and future Windows operating systems.
It doesn’t need a dedicated computer and it works on the notebooks too!