Soundproof Cabins

Sound-insulated cabin made to measure according to installation site and specific requests. Under current legislation the installation of test benches within soundinsulated cabins is not mandatory, but with intensive use of test benches installation within a cabin is highly recommended.
The care taken when assembling the structure and the quality of the materials guarantee high levels of noise reduction from within the vehicle. This allows the test bench to coexist with any surrounding working or residential environment. The structure can be customised in many
ways; for example, extensive glazing can be produced to complement a waiting room/reception so that customers are presented with the high standard of technology, and professionalism being employed on their car for their appreciation


Techical specifications
The bearing structure is made up of steel beams onto which panels are fixed, made up of a prepainted metal support which is microperforated to achieve high sound absorption coe cients. The panels contain a substantial layer of material with a high level of soundproo ng/sound absorption with certified reduction coefficient.
The cabin is equipped with a suitably sized ventilation system to allow correct internal air exchange and minimise the risk of reaching high temperatures which distort the results of the tests carried out at bench.

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