Chassis Dynanometer to make dyno test on heavy vehicles – Bapro is the only company totally dedicated to the development and production of chassis dynamo-meters/road simulators.


Standard features

Powder coated tubular frame made by high strength steel

Allow to test high power heavy vehicles ensuring steady measures over the time.

Pro: Maximum strength with minimum flexure compared to the competitor sheet metal frame.

4 big diameter rollers knurled over the entire width

Bapro is the sole to adopt the cut knurling that give the best grip to the tire

Pro: maximum precision, minimum slippage, avoid the tire overheat with less wear.

HTD belt transmission between rollers

Toothed belt that distribute the vehicle power between the rollers

Pro: chance to test high power vehicles

Pneumatic vehicle lifter with rollers lock

High quality pneumatic lifter

Pro: make easier the vehicle positioning on the road simulator by locking the rollers and lowering the step

Eddy current brake with load cell

Allow to perform load tests and fixed rpm

Pro: the brake and the rollers are mounted in the same frame, that is conceived to withstand the power of the ultra high-power vehicles.

Load Cell

Standard feature, allow the measure the power in steady state tests

Pro: Accurately mounted between rose joint

Brake Protection Grid

Strong grid, walkable, big holes for the cooling

Pro: sturdy and optimal cooling for the brake

Chassis dynamometer management software

Allow to perform, save, compare and print the tests

Pro: Updated, complete, particularly intuitive, with analogue and digital gauges. It works without mouse and by remote control. Compatible with the present and future Windows operating systems. It doesn’t need a dedicated computer and it works on the notebooks too!

Infrared remote control

Operating system free

Pro: allow to perform any tests without stopping the vehicle.

Built-in weather station

Pressure–temperature – allow to measure the weather conditions

Pro: the sole dyno that corrects the power reading in real-time according the different standards

Lambda sensor input

Allow to connect the vehicle lambda probe or an external controller

Pro: Allow to compare the dynamometer readings with the vehicle carburetion. Invaluable during the tuning or the mapping.

Built-in rev-counter system

Acquire the engine rpm directly from the spark plug or from an external revolution counter

Pro: Easy to use

Training course to our factory

Directly at the factory you can learn every aspect of the road simulator

Pro: You can exploit years of experience.



  • Shorter repair time (fast and exact diagnosis)
  • effective use of the instruments already present in workshop (diagnosis equipment, gas analyzer)
  • Avoid any risks from road tests (traffic, accidents, fines)
  • Results certification (performance enhancement)
  • Accessories sale improvement by result verification (exhaust systems, efi controller etc..)
  • Second-hand vehicles sale improvement by engine health certification
  • Vehicle check before second-hand trades
  • Renting for tests and technical checks

Measuring program:

  • Trasmission verification (clutch slippage)
  • Power step test
  • Power sweep test
  • Cooling system check (radiator, fan sensor, thermostatic valve)
  • Diagnosis by gas analyzer under load
  • Vehicle test with constant speed
  • Vehicle test with constant force
  • Vehicle test with constant load
  • Road simulation (slope, drag resistance, weight)
  • Vehicle test with constant RPM
  • Durability tests
  • Engine mapping to all RPM
  • Diagnosis by scantool during road simulation

Standard configuration:

  • Powder coated tubolar frame made by high strength steel
  • 8 big diameter rollers knurled over the entire width
  • HTD belt transmission between rollers
  • Pneumatic vehicle lift with rollers lock
  • Front chassis dynamometer on rails to adjust the wheelbase
  • Eddy current brake with load cell
  • Brake protection grid
  • Chassis dynamometer management software
  • Infrared remote control
  • Built-in weather station
  • Lambda sensor input
  • Built-in rev-counter system
  • Training course to our factory


  • Ventilation system movable on wheels
  • Ventilation system remote control
  • Computer trolley
  • Roller covers
  • Aluminium loading ramps 2700×500 mm
  • Personal computer with 19” monitor and printer
  • Safety barriers
  • Anchoring ratchet straps
  • Ear muff with high attenuation
  • Infrared tyre temperature sensor
  • Proportional ventilation speed control
  • Inductive clamp
  • Wide band lambda system

Mechanical features:

  • rollers diameter 400 mm
  • rollers width 700 mm
  • roller balancing grade Q 6.3
  • equivalent base inertia 900 kg
  • dimensions 3470×5300 mm
  • deck height 460 mm
  • weight 3400 kg


  • Maximum speed 360 km/h
  • Maximum adsorbable power 1100 HP
  • Maximum measurable power 1200 HP
  • Maximum traction force 16000 N

Power supply:

  • voltage 3/N/PE 380 VAC
  • frequency 50 Hz
  • uses 32 A
  • compressed air 6 bar

Optional features

Ventilation System Remote Control

Developed with the ventilation system

Pro: allow to control the fans without leaving the vehicle

Computer Trolley

built by heavy duty lasting steel, house the computer, monitor, keyboard and printer

Pro: heavy duty, movable, wide working surfac

Roller Covers

Protect the rollers when the dynamometer is not working

Pro: Allow to gain place in the workshop.

Aluminum Loading Ramps

High width aluminum ramps

Pro: lightweight, strong and in the same way give the optimal support to the tires when placing the vehicle on the chassis dynamometer.

2 Safety barriers

High diameter iron section with panel and Bapro’s logo

Pro: safety protection.

Personal Computer With 19″ Monitor And Printer

last generation operating system, big monitor

Pro: ready to use and checked with the dynamometer.

Anchoring Ratchet Straps

Hold firmly the test vehicle to the chassis dynamometer

Pro: sling bands that permit to adapt to every vehicle

High attenuation Ear Muff

Safeguard the operator from loud vehicles

Pro: High quality.

Infrared Tire Temperature Sensor

Allow to measure the tire temperature

Pro: assure the maximum safety during the tests.

Proportional ventilation speed control

Adjust the fan speed in function of the rollers speed

Pro: energy saving and more accurate road simulation.

Wide band lambda system

5 wires wide band lambda probe

Pro: Optimum data accuracy over the entire working range of the engine.

Maximum speed 330 km/h 350 km/h 360 km/h 360 km/h 220 km/h 250 km/h 250 km/h
Maximum adsorbable power 450 HP 500 HP 650 HP 1300 HP 800 CV 350 HP 700 HP
Maximum measurable power 500 HP 550 HP 1000 HP 2000 HP 900 CV 500 HP 1000 HP
Maximum traction force 5000 N 5000 N 8000 N 16000 N 900 CV
Mechanical features
Rollers diameter 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm 240 mm 240 mm
Rollers width 310 mm 310 mm 700 mm 700 mm 800 mm 660 mm 660 mm
Roller balancing grade Q 6.3 Q 6.3 Q 6.3 Q 6.3 Q 6.3
Equivalent base inertia 80 Kg 80 Kg 450 Kg 900 Kg 550 Kg
Dimensions 2560×1860 mm 2560×1860 mm 3470×1135 mm 3470×5345 mm 4650×1150 3.070 x 870 x 310 mm 3.130 x 4.870 x 360 mm
Deck height 410 mm 410 mm 410 mm 460 mm 640 mm
Weight 500 kg 500 kg 2500 kg 2500 kg 2000 kg 2000 kg
Voltage 220 V 50 Hz 220 V 50 Hz

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