2wd – BPA-2R S

The S series comes standard with knurled rollers which provides the highest traction between rollers and tires, a guarantee of an extremely high accuracy in measurement. Equipped by eddy current brake all power is directly transferred from the wheels to the load cell.
Especially designed for standard car workshops, test lanes; this series has lower performances than our HP (High Performance) Series, keeping the same accuracy and top level components, allowing to minimize test bench maintenance, over the years. All our 2wd models are upgradable to 4wd.



Model BPA-2R S (2017 updated version)
Roller diameter 240 mm
Roller width 660 mm
Maximum speed 250 km/h
Maximum absorbable power 350 HP
Maximum measurable power 500 HP (Sweep Power Test)
Overall dimensions mm 3.070 x 870 x 310
Max weight per axle 2.000 kg
Voltage 220 V 50 Hz


  • 1 Eddy currents brake, 4 rollers knurled over the entire width, finished by CNC cut knurling
  • Pneumatic vehicle lifter, with integrated rollers lock
  • Fully functional management software


  • Double ventilation system movable on wheels, target power 6 kW, flow rate 44.000 m3/h
  • Single ventilation system movable on wheels, target power 3 kW, flow rate 22.000 m3/h
  • Wide band lambda system 5 wires wide band lambda probe with controller (Requires outer meteo sensor box)
  • Boost pressure input 0÷2.5 bar relative pressure ± 0.035 bar error. (Requires outer meteo sensor box)
  • Lambda Input connect a vehicle lambda probe with an external controller (Outer meteo sensor box)
  • Aluminum loading ramps high width aluminum ramps. Necessary when test bench installed on the ground
  • Computer trolley built by heavy duty lasting steel, Pro: heavy duty, movable, wide working surface
  • Proportional ventilation speed control adjust the fan speed in function of the rollers speed
  • Infrared remote control test bench management directly from vehicle cockpit
  • Roller covers protect the rollers when the dynamometer is not working
  • Personal computer and display
  • Safety Equipments: Side safety barriers with logo panels, Anchoring ratchet straps, High attenuation ear muff

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